Concentrate! Think Christmas! Christmas Concentration 2018 is happening now!

It’s so exciting! It’s legendary. You know it, you love it and what would this time of year be without it: CHRISTMAS CONCENTRATION!!!!!

Okay, let’s have a collective YAY!!!!! Ready, one, two, three: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Not bad.

So, for you newbees—we have 200 numbers on the Christmas Concentration Board. Behind each number there is a prize. Each prize has an exact match. You make the exact match you win. It’s that simple. We play every hour, weekdays until all the prizes have been won. Just be caller 25 @ 717-263-8595 or 800-736-0095 when you hear the touchtones to play.

One play per day. Up to 5 plays or till you win, whichever comes first. Um, if you get thru 5 times and don’t win—uh, we’ve never had that happen.

One winner per household during this contest. We will hunt you down. Don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes.

It’s a good idea to write down the numbers and prizes as they are unveiled. I know, you CC pros are saying, DUH! But, this is for the newbees.

OH, YES and everyone who plays, win or loose, qualifies for the grand prize: A  $500. VISA GIFT CARD courtesy of Summit Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center in Chamberburg! We will do a random drawing after all the prizes have been won! So, stick around.

Warning: CC can be very addictive. It can alter your lifestyle. You may find yourself getting up earlier, listening longer and sitting in your car at the grocery store until we play! Oh, and you may find it a team builder @ work. Friends helping friends! That’s what friends are for. Wasn’t that a song? Nevermind. Anyway, sigh, time flies! Here we are again….ready to play CHRISTMAS CONCENTRATION 2018!!!!

Check out the prizes! Print it out if you’d like!

Christmas Concentration 2018 Prize Descriptions (1)


Christmas Concentration Playing Board if you didn’t make one or have your own way of keeping track!

The not-so-fancy game board!


OKAY now the legal mumbo jumbo

Christmas Concentration rules 2018