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MIX95.1 Hersheypark 4 FOUR 4 is back!! Find out how to win!

It’s Hersheypark Happy Time!

Summer fun is waiting at Hersheypark! Ride your favorite coaster, race down water slides,
grab a sweet treat and don’t forget to hug the Hershey characters. What could be better than one new attraction at Hersheypark? How about TWO NEW Jolly Rancher rides! Take a flavor ride on Jolly Rancher Remix coaster, and enjoy all new lifts and drops on Mix’d Flavored By Jolly Rancher.

It’s MIX95.1 Hersheypark 4 FOUR 4!

If you’ve played the Cash contests with winning words announced every hour, then  you’ll know how this works!!!

Each weekday there will be 4 different rides announced at four different times: 8:00, 10:00, 1:00 and 3:00. You go to MIX95.COM and get set up to enter ALL 4 rides/attractions from that day. Then the following morning we will pick 4 winners from the previous day that correctly listed at least one attraction/ride. Enter all 4 to increase your odds of winning!!!! All 4 winners will get 4 Hersheypark passes to use sometime this summer. So, 4 rides, 4 winners per day and 4 tickets to each winner…”4 FOUR 4″. And, not just one day or one week, but 5 weeks of Fun!!!

Then on Fun Lovin Friday afternoon at 5pm, Artie will pick 1 grand prize winner from that weeks winners, who will win, on top of their HersheyPark tickets, 1 parking pass, 4 food vouchers and 4 all day drink passes!

So, yeah, get ready to win!!! The Summer of Fun is BACK BABY!!!!!! IN a Big way! MIX95.1 says GO BIG OR GO HOME!

General Contest Rules Apply

One winner, per household, per the duration of contest on Alpha Media stations.

All winners will receive an email that will explain how they will get tickets and will be electronically signed and sent back.

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