Dare to Share about your Hair?

I often compliment a fellow female on their hairstyle if it really looks nice or really works for her. Knowing a sincere compliment can change a persons day, I try to share the love when I can. A common thread in hair conversation is the husband/boyfriends opinion. My friend got a really cute short cut recently, she wore it well. After her appreciation for us gal pals noticing she responds, “he doesn’t like it, it’s too short for him.” This is not the first time I’ve heard about a husband not liking a current hair situation. One friend’s husband threw a fit because she cut her hair too short. Seriously, hair grows, it’s not a permanent situation, it will change in like 2 months. From men, I hear they love long hair. One friend’s husband loves her hair short.  I love the confidence I find in women who cut and color their hair to their own liking, long or short. The most attractive quality in a woman is her confidence and assurance of who she is and what she is about.

I pose these questions for this mid-week blog. First, are you wearing your hair to your preference? Secondly, who influences your hair decisions? And lastly, if a husband/boyfriend request that you have your hair a certain way (length, color or style) and you don’t, what is the reason for not satisfying his request? By the way, is it OK for guys to put these request out there?
Short hair, long hair, colored hair, permed hair, I’ve done it all. (except dark dark hair…NO ONE want to see me with dark hair) Certain lengths are better for me, certain stages of permed hair are better for me, and certain shades of high lights work better. My hair influence is Stacey, the one who does all the work. She’s known me the longest, she knows my “care for it” abilities, and she knows my clothing style too. Ivan does not request any particular length, color or style. He’ll just compliment when it’s working. Casey, on the other hand, may voice a dislike quicker only because he doesn’t want Mom to look like an old lady. (I’m fighting it too kid)



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