Do you eat snow????????????

There is a new study out titled, “Is It Safe To Eat Snow”??????

I haven’t really imbibed lately, but as a kid it was one of the food groups. Let’s see: gum, candy, soda and snow. Surely, I jest! Actually, we DID eat snow and lots of it.  We were careful to just eat the “untouched” snow! My friend Sheila actually made snow ice cream.

If you are appalled at eating snow, brace yourself, we used to eat icicles fresh picked off the roof. You could use them as weapons or popsicles. Being the non-violent types, we opted for the latter. Occasionally, you would spit out something unidentifiable, maybe metal or a small rock or something.

This particular study was done in central Romania, so I don’t know if the pollution rate is the same. Anyway, they found that it was safe to eat snow that was a half-day old and safer to eat snow in the colder months. But, by the time the snow is two days old, it’s no longer safe. The researchers said the number of bacteria and microorganisms increases in snow because of impurities in the air. Really? Duh!!!!! lol! But, as a kid, you really don’t care about stuff like that. At least I didn’t. I do now. Hence, I won’t be imbibing in snow or icicles for that matter!!!! Especially not icicles. They probably had lead in them! That could explain some things!

We occasionally made a snowperson. Once or twice a snow fort. We went sledding ALL THE TIME. We would wear multiple hats, coats, socks, pants, etc. We would stay out until we were numb. We never got sick. It was great fun. All the kids were part of the fun!

So, did you eat the snow? Icicles? And, funny how we don’t want our kids to do such a thing, isn’t it. Ewwwwww, you shouldn’t eat THAT! You might get sick or something!



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