Do You Know What This Is?

Just like a clown on a unicycle we try to keep all the balls in the air.  Labeled on each ball:  kids, hubby, job, maybe aging parents, volunteer activities, another part-time job, time with friends, your home care, your self-care (we know this one gets overlooked).  This most certainly is not an “I have so much to do” blog” this is just a blog on how we keep it real.

I know for sure my mom never bought one.  I started adding these “Mothers little helpers” to my list a few years ago.  I was at the grocery store, in the freezer section and trying to talk myself out of buying one because of course, I can make one-way cheaper.  Shame on me for wanting to take a short cut, shame on me for not giving my family a home cooked meal 3 times a day, shame on me for purchasing a precooked premade meal.  So, I bought one and my family loved it.  Mrs. S and her lasagna was a hit for my guys and for me.   The cost may be a bit more on your grocery bill but come on, it’s still cheaper to eat at home.  Do yourself a favor from time to time and get a pre-made meal.  The mac and cheese is so good too.  I’ve even served it to guest in my very own home.

Isn’t it funny the stigmas we put on ourselves?  In our faith too, the beliefs we’ve applied to our lives because of our parents’ influence.  The pressure form even outside sources can influence our decisions at times as well.

For this snowy Monday morning, I encourage you to buy the frozen dinner, eat it on a paper plate, drink your instant iced tea from a paper cup and get out there and make some memories with your kids.  The bought entree will be forgotten but the snowball fight will not be.

Keep it real my friends!!!  Real fun, real easy, real authentic, and real intentional!




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