Do you take sick days! What’s your flu-osophy?

So, somehow, I have something.  It started with headaches, neck aches. Then when I was running outside, I felt a glitch in my chest. That turned into some congestion. Allergies? Maybe. Then it turned into full blown cough. You know, that pack-a-day cough. From there, body aches, fever and then sinus stuff.

For whatever reason, I try to pinpoint the EXACT moment I contracted something. I’m not sure why, but, I like to try to figure that out.

Anyway, when you work on air, sick days are out of the question. Well, let me rephrase that. When you work with your spouse on-air doing a show, sick days are out of the question. The other person’s presence is so needed that you drag them in no matter WHAT! I feel Rick is better equip to do the show alone than I am. He begs to differ.  So, here I am.

I once worked at a radio station where we had NO paid sick days. Again, you work no matter what. I one time worked after having surgery.  It was an in-office procedure on a fistula. Let’s just say, from standing my “packing” started to fall out. It was a little crazy working under those circumstances.

It would be nice to have personal days that you can use as you see fit. Mental Health is every bit as important, if not more important than physical health, yet, we would scoff at someone who took a sick day to go shopping or to get a massage, in the name of a mental health day. I KNOW people who take sick days and they are not, because “they are my days” aren’t they. Yes, they are, technically. It’s not really fair if I take seven days and you only take two.

And, how about accruable days? Ours are use or loose days. I know people who have days that roll over to the next year and when they retire, yep, they can use them. Sheesh, you could retire a whole year early if you played your cards right and never took a sick day. Nah, I’d rather have them and use them, guilt free, each year.

Oh, and I’m of the mindset, if you stay home from work with a sick day, you can’t go out to play. That’s a left-over brainwashing from childhood.

One more thing. If you are legit sick on a holiday or vacation day, should you be able to turn that into a sick day and get your day credited! Hmmmm. I think you should! Boy, THAT would create an HR nighmare, wouldn’t it!

Anyway, tell me your sick day philosophy!




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