Fairy Garden Fun!!!!

This past weekend we has our Hissong Easter. My sister in laws make thee very best dishes for all our holidays. My contribution this year was a lovely Honey Baked Ham. We have 11 east coast nieces and nephew and 9 on the west coast. (my Idaho family). This Easter was just with our east coast family. The kids enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt, games of basketball, batminton, and swinging on a pretty cool swingset. I’ve had in mind for a while to make fairy gardens with the nieces. Everytime I went to a craft store or a dollar store, I snactched up the goodies to make these gardens. I hit the jackpot one day at a Goodwill. They had like 5 or 6 items in a bag for $3. My sister in laws also added from their stash. I asked for the children to bring the vesel that they wanted to use. The best part was watching their creativity come to life. When an idea strikes, go for it!!!

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