Fibs you tell your kids!

What little fibber-tales did your parents or grandparents tell you? What fibs do you tell your kids?

I remember Rick used to tell Jonathan that Toys R Us burned down. He was jokingĀ  (of course) and Jonathan knew it. But, occasionally we would have to say they were closed, when they weren’t. Well NOW they really are closing. To Rick: ARE YOU HAPPY! haha!

My grandmother used to say, “NO singing at the table, it makes the angels cry”!!!! I can’t remember if I sang at the table. But, she was on to something. Ester was ahead of her time with my singing. Though it was meant for everyone, so I didn’t take it personally. At least not until now.

My grandmother would also say, eat the crust it will make your hair curly. Well newsflash to Grummum, I did NOT want curly hair. So there!

How about you? Tell us your little tales



We are all just cell phones. Let’s get along! Queen of Soul died–age 76 from cancer! My purse and I are splitting up! Not sure who is at fault! The second longest day! Is the first day! From the desk of Rick Alexander! Open Air Urinals! It’s A Thing! Give a Rick and Lisa Shout-Out to your School Bus!