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Graduation! It’s such a…

It’s such an emotional time…Graduation!

Now we have graduation from Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School, etc. It’s quite possible to attend several graduations before you graduate from High School. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m all about productions and celebrations!

Jonathan’s Kindergarten didn’t really have graduation. His Fifth grade had a special awards ceremony. But, as I recall, they didn’t wear gowns. His high school graduation was outside. It was 10 degrees hotter than **8787*(Hj!!  It was a good thing that we were dehydrated! The tears were easier to hold back! My friend Diane got there super early so we would have good seats. I think she was first in line! It’s indescribable what it feels like when your child walks across the stage. There’s nothing like it. Such a proud moment!

I remember feeling a dichotomy of emotion at my graduations. On the one hand ecstatically happy. On the other hand, sad. Sad it was over? Not really. Just generalized sadness. Maybe the event didn’t live up to the hype. Dunno? It poured at one of my college graduations. It didn’t rain, it poured. They were able to move things indoors.

Jonathan has had three graduations so far–high school, undergrad, Master’s, and sometime down the road the big D. Doctoral of Music Composition!!!! It poured at his undergraduate ceremony, too. The school was not prepared. I was very disappointed that a private school that charged the amount of money they did, didn’t have a plan B. It was a pitiful ceremony for these grads. They deserved better.

Then there’s the graduation party. I didn’t have a college party. My boyfriend’s mother threw my high school graduation party. I am forever grateful. We had Jonathan’s high school party in our church activities room. It was a major production. He chose a nice dinner including all attendees at each of his college graduations.

Gifts. Money is indeed the best. I remember getting cards and lots of cash at all of my graduations. Perhaps the best part of the thing, the envelopes in the mail. But, full disclosure, you send those announcements to EVERYONE you know, in hopes of getting something-anything!!!! I was able to purchase a car with my high school $$$. Albeit not the best car in town, but, a care non-the-less. I can’t remember what I did with my college money. Most likely paid bills. I do remember my one brother gave me $100.

I think graduation is a happy time. But, it’s also a very emotional time. It’s an end, yet a beginning. It’s a life change, not only for the one graduating, but for the parents. It’s a time to allow your kid to be independent. You have to make a very deliberate decision to allow them new freedoms.  It’s time to take that hover plane and fly…well fly a little further away. Maybe to where they are going to college 😀  Yep, you’ll land there for a little while! haha!

Comment below if you have a special grad this year. Or, maybe tell your graduation memories! Here’s to the class of 2017!




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