Guess who’s in the chicken business!!!

My poor kid has asked for a cat…denied.  He’s asked for a dog…denied.  He won goldfish…died.   Casey and I were both on the same page for the dog request.  However, Ivan and I had a few canine concerns, the amount of time a four-legged friend would need and could we accommodate and care for a dog properly.  Our schedules can be a bit crazy from time to time.  When the request for chickens came about I thought for sure it was going to be denied as well.

Casey prepared his case, presented it to his dad and Ivan consented.  No one was more shocked than me.  With the blessing and permission from dad, Casey was ready to proceed.  Caseys friend gave him a list of all the supplies he’d need for building the coup, fence, and feeding vessels and what kind of chicken feed to buy.  Casey financed this project all on his own.  He used his money from mowing for Grandma and working with his dad.   We had a few roadblocks along the way.  The timing of construction, obtaining of the proper supplies to build the coup and finding a few fine feathered friends.  Summer schedules of camps, fairs, and other commitments delayed the prosses until about two weeks ago.

Encouragement and help came from our friends the Stoners.  With direction from J, and construction and engineering from Js dad, Casey had a coup. (to whom I am ever so grateful)  Thanks to the Ramers and Pap E for the donation of 3 chickens, my kid is now in business. (little Ramer is pictured in the background)  Ivan and Casey have a few tweaks they’d like to add to the arrangement, but for now, Hotel Hen House is working out beautifully.

Every morning he’s checking on them before the bus comes and every afternoon he gets an egg…then eats it.  Fried eggs have become an after-school snack.

I am fascinated by his fascination with chickens.





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