Happy Nat’l Hair Stylist Day!

This is a pic of me and my hairstylist.  Stacey and I met in high school.  Cosmo was her choice, she already had one sister in that shop, and her oldest sister was already a working stylist.    We have been friends ever since.  She too has been in the same profession since high school.  About ten years ago she reached another goal she set for herself.  Stacey also wanted to be a nurse.  So she went back to school and is now a school nurse.  She still makes time to make people beautiful at her sisters’ salon, Creative Touch in Mercersburg.  Because she is so talented and tuned into her clients, her evenings and Saturday mornings get booked up fast with appointments.

In our youth, we had a blast.  We often joke that we are so glad we didn’t have the technology of phones and social media.  We’d either be Youtube stars or in jail.  Typical 80’s ladies, we wore acid washed jeans, shaker sweaters, and had the cutest 80’s hairstyles.  Many fun and interesting miles were put on that little red Escort listening to Z-95 or Cher on cassette, there may have been a Bobby Brown in the glove box too.  Add bff Kim, sister Robin and few trips to OC to the flashback reel, and let the good times roll.

Shortly after school, we started to make different choices that would land us in totally different situations.  Marriage and motherhood came sooner for Stacey, and much later for me.  Neither of us was exempt from disappointment or heartbreak, although different, we still felt the sting hurt.  Through it all, we remain in each other’s lives.  Our yearly trip to a craft show remains dear to us and we protect that date, that time is precious.  Stacey now plans for grandbabies to enter her life.  They will be thee best-dressed grandchildren if she has anything to do with it.  I’m sure shopping for baby stuff will be on our to-do list the next time there’s a shopping road trip.  I’m more than happy to share that joy and excitement with her.

Years have turned into decades, glad she continues to put up with me.  Stacey, you’ve kept me sane, when I was leaning toward going insane, and you’ve kept me from bad hair choices. (like that one time I wanted to go darker)…and for both, I’m grateful!






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