Here’s what’s cooking in Courtneys Cafe!

How about this weekend?  Hope yours was fantastic.  I know it is two days past the holiday weekend, but remember I am not drinking coffee anymore so my reaction time has been greatly delayed.   Sunday afternoon our anniversary buddies had a picnic at their place…they have a pool!!!!!  They are wonderful host, so accommodating and thoughtful of their guest.  They provided the chicken, meatballs, baked beans and lemonade and we all brought other items to add to the smorgasbord of summertime goodness.  The cantaloupe was so cold and sweet and juicy.  Our bachelor friend did a great job on chocolate brownies with peanut butter chips.  We were taste testers for our friends’ new recipe for mac and cheese…she gets an A+.  We didn’t have to go to the OG for their salad, man D&Rs is actually better than the OG.  And what better way to end a Labor Day picnic meal than with homemade ice cream, made with Smithsburg finest peaches.  So what did I bring?  I brought the chips.  Not just a bag of generic two dollar chips.  My motto is, “nothing but the best for my friends.”  Grandmas Utz, Smoking Sweets, Veggie Straws, and Funyuns, oh yea now we are talking.

The reason I tell you all of this is so I have something to blog and about.  I really cannot come up with something very creative and inspiring right now.  There was a half of a bag of Funyuns left over and left to my own willpower I would have eaten all of them…on the ride home.  I did keep them in the trunk for the ride home.  The next day they were tempting me like Eve with the apple.  So I ate a few and then I thought this is ridiculous and I crushed the bag.  Then I thought that is ridiculous, I cannot throw out perfectly good Funyun crumbs…who does that?  So I ran them through the Ninji.  Then a beautiful and flavorful coating for something in the near future appeared.  Last night I coated center cut pork chops in the golden, savory, and crunchy breading and fried them in a non-stick skillet.  Wow!!!!  Try it!!!  You’ll always do your pork chops in Funyuns!!!!



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