I’m not sure about this whole dog thing!

I’m just trying to figure out this whole dog thing. When I was a kid, I had dogs and cats. It was different.

Up until September, we were a dog-less household. No dogs. Yada, yada, yada, we got a dog. It was a lengthy decision. I recently saw a Facebook post memory from ten years ago contemplating getting a dog. Well, we finally got one.

We do love Nic so much. He really is part of our family. But, when I take on something, I do it full tilt. I take responsibility to the max. I’m a bit over the top with some things.

I can’t figure out how we are ever going to take a real vacation ever again. You know, the hop on a plane, site see all day kind of vacation. I can’t see boarding him somewhere. My heart breaks thinking about it. Will he think we deserted him? Will he feel lonely? Will he be mistreated? So, yeah, there’s that.

Then, there’s the notion of taking him along. Ummm, we do the museum thing. The site seeing thing, remember. THAT’S not going to work. I guess he could stay in the hotel crated all day. That seems mean. Plus, what if someone steals him. I told you, I’m over the top.

Forget vacations. What about regular day trips. Saturdays we like to GO, GO, GO!!! So far, the temp has been such, he can go. But, what about summer. Ugh!

And another thing, WHEN do they stop trying to eat things that they shouldn’t? In the last week, we’ve had to coax with a treat or pry the following out his his mouth: a penny, a feather, rubberband-twice, various plastic flowers and leaves, a safety pin, dental floss pik, guitar pic, and that’s just what I remember at this moment! Does this ever stop! Please say YES!!!!!!!

This morning I felt bad leaving him at home. He needs entertainment. Surely, I’m projecting humanness on him. Dogs are dogs, aren’t they.

I think we can learn a lot from our dogs. We need to be more like them and not worry about projecting our world on them.

Nic stretches when he gets up. I need to stretch more. I need to stretch, period.

Nic, sleeps a lot. I need more sleep.

Nic has fun and plays. I need to lighten up and play more.

Nic loves to eat. Hmmm. Nevermind on that one. We have it covered.

Nic isn’t worried about travel. He just lives in the moment. Maybe he’ll travel, maybe he’ll get a piece of cheese. The thrill is in the moment.

He is happy most of the time. He wags his tail a lot. I need to wag mine more. Let’s learn from our dogs. Enjoy the moment! Just don’t eat any safety pins today, okay?

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