Is your life in your hands?

I hear “people have their face in their phone all the time”.  GUILTY!  There’s a lot taking place in that little handheld PC.  I’m checking for a request for Courtneys Cafe, checking my bank app to see if my direct deposit was correct,  coordinating with my soccer mom friends for tonights car-pool.  From time to time I may even be adding a few items to my grocery list, and of course, I’m not going to be self-righteous…I check facebook.  Often when the three of us are out to eat, we have our phones out.  We are not ignoring each other, we are checking our calendars and the weather as we plan upcoming events.  Ivan and Casey are often checking sports scores, tractor pulling results, and any late-breaking Penn State news.  They will be conversing about what they are interested in.  I may even be checking out a new recipe and asking if they’d eat it if I made it for them.  And when I find myself in a situation where I need to be quiet, (never my favorite situation) I play a game called Wordscapes.  It’s easy and fast and it keeps me focused and content.

Embracing technology has made organizing and communicating so much faster.  I didn’t set out to manage my life and family this way.  I am making it work for us, you probably are too.  Now the apps…..that’s another blog, for another rainy day.  Thanks for listening, download our Mix app and have a great mid-week workday!!!

There are many times I request we not be on our phones.  That goes fine until a question comes up about a date, a score, a Bible reference or verse, and guess what?  We pick up the phone…….



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