It was on this date I lost my beloved Jacques!

I found some artwork when we were going through my mother’s stuff when she died.

It was like opening an emotional vault to the past.

First I found that green clay ashtray I made in art class! Ahhh, those were the days. Then I found a clay dog I made. I loved art class.

But, heart be still, when I found the January calendar, another art project. My heart was in awe.

There it was written on the January 17th block. The only thing written on the calendar. I remember it well. The day my little white toy poodle Jacques died. He was the most lovable, fun, friendly, little guy a kid could ever want in a million years. I loved him with all my heart. So did my mother. She even kept his collar and leash. It was in her stuff, too. I kept it.

It was an awful night. We cried over our little white ball of fluff. He laid with his head by his water bowl. This happened suddenly on a Saturday night. This was long before the all night vet clinics. He got very ill very fast. He hemorrhaged. We cried all night. It was the saddest thing ever. He ended up dying. I don’t remember all the details–whether it was at the vets or at home. But, apparently, he got a hold of some poison when he got loose. It was reputed that a neighborhood house had poison around their fence, so no neighboring dogs would come into their yard to bother their dobermans. Not sure if that was true, but we seemed to go with it!

Jacquey looked like a lamb. I remember picking him up. We got him from a newspaper listing. We got him to replace Michelle, the silver poodle, that we had to give back. A man decided to give away his soon to be ex-wife’s dog. Um, not good. My mother was so upset. So, we looked for another dog.

My father and I went to a high rise somewhere in Baltimore to get him. There was a pekinese dog there as well. Little Jacquey looked like a lamb. In fact, when we got home, my mother said—“That’s a poodle”????? He shrunk to a little bit of nothing after his haircut.

He was well loved! He became legendary in status over the years. Admittedly, he was my favorite  during childhood years.  It was his fun loving personality.

So, what an emotional find that calendar was. I brought all my art items home and have them in a special chest with art memorabilia. The wonderful memory of Jacquey, however, lives on!



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