It would have been my Mother’s Birthday today!!!!


I lost my mom Oct. 17th. It doesn’t feel like THAT long ago, though, it’s been six months already! Wow! Time really flies. Life really does go on after we pass.

Today, would have been her birthday! April 13th! Funny it would be Friday the 13th! She said she was born on a Friday the 13th. She was breach! Dang, born backwards on Friday the 13th! Now THAT’S quite a start!

She lived a long life. I miss her. I don’t miss how her last days were. She wasn’t herself. She was pretty miserable. After someone passes, you kind of land on a more pleasant memory from their good years.

I get hit with waves of grief. It has been okay so far today. Though, I have had a bad headache for two days. Sometimes, I think I have a disconnect and my body takes the brunt of the stress. My mind powers through. I’ve always been like that. No matter what it is—power through. Be as positive as possible and GO! Are you like that.

A person can be reactive or proactive. I choose to be proactive most of the time.

I remember celebrating my mother’s birthday with her. She was pretty easy to please and always very appreciative of anything you’d give her. She’d always say, “Now why did you do that! You shouldn’t spend so much money!” Ahhhhh, it wasn’t that much money. Truly it wasn’t. I have no regrets about gifts: birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. When we went through her stuff we found tons of cards. I think she kept all of them from all three of us!

The best gift I gave her was the painting of her dog Snoopy. I painted a paper mache’ book with his picture on the front. It was a little storage book. I worked on it in my Art Studio class for several weeks @ Joyful Arts.  She LOVED it!  I think  I actually gave it to her for Mother’s Day.

I thank my mother. She was generous. She would give me the shirt off her back.

If she were still here, I’d probably go see her today. Maybe take flowers. Take her to dinner. Buy her a gift or two. I liked to actually go ON her birthday. I didn’t want her to spend the day alone. Anyway. Good Memories! I hope you have or are making great memories with your parents or kids! Tell me your story in the comments!



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