It’s National Pet Day!

In High School I developed a horrible allergy to cats! It was freakishly odd. I grew up with Cats. First, there was Mother Cat. She was legendary. I had her over 17  years. She had at least two litters a year. Usually, she had a litter around Easter. She wasn’t just a cat. She was special beyond words.

I grew up with dogs, too. I’m oddly allergic. My mother couldn’t believe I was suddenly allergic. I think she thought I was making it up.  Anyway, first there was Frankie. He was an English Setter. I’ve had one stitch in my life and it was because of Frankie. He grabbed me by my sweater to run and show me something. I tripped down the stops. I was 4. Our neighbors thought Frankie was a deer and shot him. At least that was the story. I was heartbroken.

Then, a few years later, there was Jaque. He’s the white toy poodle in the picture. He was as sweet as could be. He was fun and filled with energy. One day he got loose and ran off. Apparently some neighbors had poison around their yard and he ate some of it. He bled internally and died. My mother and I stayed up all night crying. It was awful. Geez, I never connected the neighbor theme here. I guess because this was a different neighborhood in a different state.

Anyway, then came our silver poodle Michelle. She didn’t like kids. I was 10. My father bought her from a man, who unbeknownst to my father sold him and wasn’t supposed to. He was getting a divorce and did it to get even with his wife. We had to give her back. I didn’t really bond with her anyway.

Next came Pojo. Pojo had attitude. He was a standard poodle. I used to cut his hair and give him a pedicure every now and again. He was a good sport. He had attitude and I loved that about him. He didn’t like my father’s boots. He would growl at them when my father would tease him.

Sam joined Pojo. Sam was an Otter Hound that was on the loose. He had a collar. We never found his owners, so we kept him. He was so sweet. My mother said he was natured like her and Pojo was natured like my father.

After I moved out, my mother had DeeDee a rescue Lhaso apso. She would guard her food and growl while wagging her tail. She WOULD bite you if you touched her back. She was mistreated prior to living with my mother. My mother had several cats, Sam again (after divorce) and finally Snoopy.

Meantime, on my own, I had a bird, which my friend Todd asked me to take after he decided to get a cat. Fred, the bird did not like me. He would peck the hand that fed him. Honestly, I didn’t like Fred too much either. So there.

Rick and I had a hamster. This was before Jonathan. You would have thought it was a child. He got sick. We took him to two vets to try to get him better. He died of “wet butt”! Yep, that’s a real thing.

After Jonathan came into our lives we had two bunnies, a hamster and a guinea pig. For all the sneezing and allergies, we should have just gotten a dog!

Anyway, no animals right now. Sometimes I want a dog. But, mostly, neither of us want to do all that comes with it. Maybe some day. Til then, I have plenty of wonderful memories!



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