June Brides…

I know Megan and Harry got married in May but I needed a pic to go with this blog.

The June wedding is still very popular.  Last weekend Facebook and Instagram blew up with wedding and graduation photos.  Brides sharing their pics on social media thrills my soul.  I dearly love weddings.  Before I had my very own wedding I despised them with a passion.  Weddings and receptions made me feel uncomfortable, the music made me cry and the tradition of “all the single ladies” catching the bouquet put too much pressure on the lucky gal that caught the floral fate.  When invited to a bridal shower I’d try very hard to get out of that event. Shopping for mixing bowls and bathroom towels for someone else was sort of lame to me, kind of corny.  Then…I planned a wedding, received several wedding showers, and organized a reception with garter flinging and bouquet tossing.   Through the planning and organizing of my own, I gained an appreciation for the process.  I got married before the Internet answered all our questions, so I read books on weddings.  One particular, and I forget the name of that book, spelled out the traditions of why we do what we do when preparing to be married and the history of our American weddings.  My greatest lesson learned through the process of marrying came from all of the gifts received through showers and wedding presents.  How humbling to have friends, relatives, and co-workers shower you with presents to full your new home, plus spend time and money pulling off the shower celebrations.  I’ve learned to be a “gracious receiver”.  For me, receiving gifts has a dual purpose.  The giver wants to please and honor with a thoughtful expression of their connection to the bride and groom.  Once I understood the intention and applied it to my life, I was able to enjoy receiving anything anyone gave me.  It became fun and I appreciated the effort each took to purchase or create gifts for us.  For the longest time, I could remember everything every guest gave us.  After 23 years I still use some of those gifts given at the showers and wedding.  This blog was to be about your wedding song and not gifts. But, maybe there is a bride who needs to understand the gift portion of their upcoming wedding.  Appreciate that guest took time out of their day, typically a Saturday, Fridays are the current trend, to be a part of your celebration.  If you know someone who is getting married feel free to share this insight.  I cannot be the only who had so much pride that it’s been hard to receive gifts in the past.  Be a joyful giver and a gracious receiver.

Now I love weddings.  When invited, I go to witness two people promising all that’s loving and hopeful for a future together before God and to celebrate and enjoy the food and fun they planned for the reception.  It’s an honor to be on the guest list for a couples special day.  As the bride and groom look into each others eyes when “their song” plays, I still get a little emotional.



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