Maroon 5 performs at the Superbowl

Rick Alexander

It was announced on Thursday September 20, 2018 that Maroon 5 would be performing at the 2019 Super Bowl In Atlanta. One of the most successful pop bands of all time would now have access to the world’s biggest stage.

Maroon 5 was formed when the members were in high school as “Kara’s Flowers”. Their pop reign began in 2002 with their first hit “Harder To Breathe” followed by “This Love” They have a total of 24 Top 40 hits, up to and including their latest smash “Girls Like You”. That’s an uninterrupted 16 year run and counting, something virtually unheard up in the world of pop music! Interestingly, they’ve only released only 6 studio albums over the same time span.

Many of Maroon 5’s contemporaries have since faded or have begun fading, while Maroon has never been stronger. That wasn’t always the case. In the beginning Maroon was labelled a “boy band”. That label didn’t stick, as it has for The Backstreet Boys or New Kids On The Block. That is probably because for their first 8 years or so, the band was virtually faceless.No stand outs. Unless you were a super fan, you had no idea who any of the members were. That was about to change.

In 2010, it appeared that Maroon 5’s run was ending. The hits were getting smaller and smaller, and when that happens, radio stops playing them. And an 8 year run was probably twice the average run a successful pop group could hope for. But then it happened: Adam Levine was about to emerge as the face of the group. The TV show “The Voice”, NBC’s answer to the then-mega successful “American Idol”, debuted on April 26, 2011. Adam was an original coach and remains one to this day. It gave him the forum to showcase his good looks and personality. Soon after the debut of “The Voice”, The song “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and Adam’s co-coach  Christina Aguilera hit #1 on the pop chart, reigniting the band, with a flame that still burns to this day. How do you feel about Maroon 5 performing at this season’s Super Bowl halftime show? Could it possibly give them the kick for another run or have them become perceived as “yesterday’s news”? Whatever happens, Maroon 5 is one amazing brand, I mean BAND.



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