Meals on Wheels

This is a pic of my passenger seat, just about every morning.  It’s a great day and all is right with the world when we are ahead of schedule.  On those days, I move through the day with ease, and think to myself “man I got this working mom thing down”.  Then, the next morning comes and I don”t have the Wellness (gym, PE) clothes clean.  So, I give them the sniff test, a spritz of Axe and we end of eating breakfast in the car.  I do for, the most part fix a decent breakfast, we just eat it in the car while waiting for the bus.  This also brings me to eating other meals in the car.  (I do not need a lesson on planning ahead, believe me I know what and how to do, I’m just keeping it real in this blog)  There are busy weeks when I see Subway cups in the car and think to myself we just ate 2 out of three meals in this vehicle.  When they (my hubby and the family farm) are busy in the fields I take dinner to him and he’ll set in the car with us and eat.  It’s even better when I have the bags chairs in the back, its kinda like a picnic then and we are at least together.  Together on the run.  Please tell me I’m not alone.



MIX is on the MOVE with Smetzer & Santa @ Sharrett Subaru Saturday! THE STREAM IS BACK! Which one are you? Rainy Days and Tuesdays…. You get an extra hour of sleep this weekend!!! Cruisin’ for a Cure