My milk shake brings all the boys….

June is Dairy Month!!!  Only a few more days to celebrate.  Milkshakes cost over $4 when you purchase them at your favorite ice cream stop.  You can make probably 10 at home for $4.  Just like any culinary intention, the downside is the cleanup.  I have recipes to make homemade funnel cake which is just pennies to make, but oh the clean-up from the oil and the smell in your kitchen.  One of our easy favs is the “soda-float”.   We always have vanilla ice cream in the freezer.  Ivan and Casey put a few scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass tumbler, then pour their favorite soda over the top.

During the month of August, we attend Roxbury Holiness Camp.  We help in the Snack Bar a few days/nights during that weeks stay.  The Snack Bar is famous for its milkshakes and Ripples. (a ripple is comparable to a flurry)    The Snack Bar also sells cold drinks, snacks, and candy as well as multi flavors of hand-dipped ice cream.

When making your milkshake at home, don’t forget to add a few extras that will make your creation even tastier.  Add a splash of your baking vanilla to your vanilla ice cream.  When you are making your chocolate shakes, spin it a bit in your blender or ninja before adding your chocolate, it just blends better.  Even at home, you can add your candy bars for a homemade flurry treat.  The key is not to spin them too long, keep it think, do not add any milk.  If you want an extra special strawberry shake, add fresh and tasty strawberries from the produce stand.  Freeze a few now, and then add them later for milkshakes or fruit smoothies.  And as always, when serving your milkshake, float, or flurry add a little whip cream and a cherry to make it extra special.  Anytime you are shopping in a craft store or a specialty kitchenware store, look for those extra wide colorful straws.  I keep on hand a few drink umbrellas for my yogurt smoothies.

Cool off this summer with homemade treats and save your money for something else.




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