The 12 (or so) Days of NicMas! Old St. Nic! Click for your Nic Pics and Nic Comments!!

Day 15: Nic in his Steelers Jersey Jonathan got him for Christmas! Nic says: “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!”

Does this mean I’m not a Ravens fan anymore!

Day 14: Nic in his Parka! Nic says: “This parka is super cool!  Is this real mouse fur?”

Okay, is this look cute enough?

Day 13: Nic wearing his jammies! Nic says: Whatch you talking about! I have been a good boy!”

Scuze me while I do my morning stretches!

Day 12: Nic wearing his Christmas Jammies! Nic says: “Is this thing over yet???”

“It’s Day 12…what do you mean by 12 or so?”

“Wake me up when it’s over!”

Day 11: Nic wearing his Christmas Jammies! Naughty Boy sticking out his tongue! Nic says: “Don’t tell Santa, but I’m sticking out my tongue to my Mumsy!”

“NO! Don’t tell Santa!”

“Okay Mumsy, I’ll cooperate! What does cooperate mean?”

Day 10: Nic wearing his fashionable Buffalo Plaid jammies!  Nic says: “Hurry up! Let’s get this over with! I have stuff to chew like paper from the trash, pens and anything you drop on the floor!”

Day 9 Nic wearing his hat, scarf and Fleece coat! Nic says: “Can we go out and play in the snow now? And, remember, don’t eat the yellow snow ;)”

Day 8: Nic in his Rudolph Sweater! Nic says: “Is it Day 12 yet? And, who is this Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer anyway! Does he bring treats?”

Day 7: Nic in his Santa Sweater! Nic says: “Santy, I’ve tried hard to be good this year! Bring me some bully sticks. I promise to quit digging in the trash bag!”


Day 6: Nic in his Fleece Christmas Jammies! Nic says: “Seriously, who puts a dog in Christmas Jammies!”

DAY 5 Nic in his Santa Hat! Nic says: “Ho, Ho, Ho, now give me my treat!”


Day 4

Nic wearing his Christmas Tree Sweater! Nic says: “Please don’t take me in public wearing this thing! This looks like something I could snack on later!”

Day 3

Nic with his reindeer suit!  Nic says: “Really? Really? A reindeer? OH BROTHER!”

“Can you hurry this up please!”


Nic with his Santa Jammies! “Oh, Mumsy, please don’t!!”

“Okay, if I get a treat!”

“And by treat, I mean cheese and cookies!”


Nic wearing his Christmas hat and scarf! “My Mumsy is a bit weird, don’t you think!”

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