Ooops!!!! I forgot about that orange I put in my backpack!

You know that feeling you get when you reach your hand down into your backpack/bag/purse/drawer and you are expecting one thing, but your hand hits some slimy stuff!????!!!

Okay, so maybe it’s just me. I threw an orange in my backpack inside my breakfast bag. Somehow I forgot about it. First it got mushy. Then it got hard. Now it’s just gross.

I’ve forgotten bananas before. They don’t get hard. They get super gross.  This goes way back. In Junior High, I found a peach inside my pocketbook under my bed. I have no idea how long it was there. I’m thinking since Elementary School?

How about you? What did you forget? Maybe something in your car? Fridge? Backpack? Room? Under your bed?

Tell me. Make me feel better! haha! I CAN’T be the only one. Right?????



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