We could not really decide WHERE to go on our vacation. We wanted to go away, but not crazy far, due to family obligations!

Anyway, we decided to head to Mystic, Conn., followed by Cape Cod and then swing back to Newport!

Our first stop was Mystic! You know, the home of Mystic Pizza from the movie!!! We enjoyed a visit to the Mystic Seaport. Wow! We were super impressed! If you’ve ever been to Williamsburg, it’s a lot like that, but by the beautiful Coast. It’s the largest maritime museum with a hands on walk through  of what life was like in a 19th century  seafaring village.You can go into the buildings and see replications and have knowledgeable actors tell you what life was like during that period! You can spend the entire day and learn a lot!!! Plus, such a beautiful backdrop!

There was even an artsfest downtown. We stopped and purchased an $8. smoothie. Mine was eh’…okay. J LOVED his. $16. yep, it’s vacation!!!! Get ready to dish out the cash!!!!

Okay, so we said goodbye to Mystic and hello Cape Cod. We stayed a Fairfield in Hyannis in town. We loved the breakfast bar. I say that because the other two places the breakfast was eh’. I try to book a place with breakfast included to save time and money. Rick always seems to find the most to eat! They had actual hot oatmeal and fresh fruit, which I appreciated.  I know, we don’t get out much!!!! haha!

Hyannis is really super busy these days. The food was good, but expensive; at least compared to what we normally spend! We took the Hy-line Cruises high speed boat to Martha’s vineyard. It took about an hour, which is nice compared to the other slower boats!! And, trust me after biking all day on Martha’s Vineyard, that hour rest sure felt nice! We biked to Edgartown. There’s just too many people on MV compared to last time we were there. We saw the Jaws bridge!!! It’s such a beautiful view no matter how you look at it!

We took a morning trip to Plymouth Rock, less than an hour away. Also a beautiful seaport and fun to walk around town. But, that rock. Don’t you expect something HUGE!!!

We also visited the JFK Museum! Rick’s favorite!!! And, a good rainy day activity!!!!

Bye to Hyannis! Onward to Newport! Yep, Newport, Rhode Island. Okay, let me just sum it up in one word: BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think I could live there. Well, at least during the summer!

Make sure you tour the mansions if you ever go to Newport! Holy Guacamole! Are you kidding me! People actually live like this! Wowza!!!!

We did a history walk and visited Fort Adams! Yay for getting an understanding of history! Though, it was stinking hot!

We even toured Eisenhower’s summer house!

One of the best things to do, and it’s free, is the CLIFF WALK. A 3 1/2 mile walk along the water. Beautiful!

We enjoyed a stroll through the Art Museum! Very Cool!!!!

Rhode Island is so amazing. It doesn’t sound like an exciting trip. Hey, where did you go? Rhode Island. But, it is spectacular!

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