Pink hair tape, Dippity-do, and bobbie pins….

Yesterdays after school activities led Casey and me to my home.  Both parents have passed and now the family is getting it ready for the next phase of settling an estate.  One brother and I are in the work force, 2 bothers are retired, and my sister is self employed.  The retirees and my sister have spent most of their time during the day clearing out 60+ years of housekeeping…from Truman to Trump.  My mother threw nothing away, I mean NOTHING.  Digging through boxes, bags, and old dresser drawers was like stepping into a time machine.  Dishes, type writers, record players, and clothes reflex the era of polyester, teenagers in the 60’s and 70’s, and Gold Harvest Corning Ware.  My sister and I did have fun sorting though baby clothes and a large box of newspapers and cards.  And then we found the box of hair rollers.  I do remember women rolling their hair on Saturday mornings and they would use some type of large bandana or red hankie to cover their hair while they did their Saturday work.  I guess they wanted their hair to be nice for Saturday night or Sunday morning.  Some would use a pink hair tape to hold a curl by their ear.  I looked up Dippity-do online, I remember that being in our bathroom closet.  As soon as I looked at the image I could smell that pink, alcohol filled, hair gel.  Even now as I write I can imagine it being cold to the touch and sticky.  Funny how imagines can take you back…way back.  I love a good “throw back”, and boy did we go back….way back.



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