Rainy Days and Tuesdays….

Is it just me?  Tell me I’m not alone…this weather is getting to me.  Since I work inside I don’t feel like I have a reason to vent or complain.  How do you feel about all the rain we got and continue to forecast?

On rainy days in the summer I love to sit on my back deck and just enjoy the coolness the rain brings and the constant rhythm of rain hitting the tin on the shop roof, and the flowing stream of rain that overflows from the spouting.  It truly is music to my ears.  Cold, rainy, dreary days are not as enjoyable.  However, they are productive.  Cold weather makes me want to make comfort food for my family.  There’s just something about hot food in your belly on a cool and dark evening.  So maybe tonight I’ll make something hot and comforting for my family, or maybe I’ll bring home a pizza.  Just keeping it real over here in Courtney Land!



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