Read what Rick Alexander has to say about Priorities!


You read and hear a lot this time of year about new year’s resolutions. Priorities, not as much. Every self help book that you’ve read and every seminar you’ve attended  deals with prioritizing your time and ultimately, your life. I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.


What maybe you haven’t thought about is that priorities are what we practice, not what we preach. If you’re honest, items on your list at #14 and #25 may get as much or more attention that those much higher on the list. Why? Perhaps it’s because we enjoy doing #14 and #25  more than even #2 and, God forbid, #1 on the list. You know what, you shouldn’t even have a #14 on your list, let alone a #25!


There is truly not enough time in the day for everything we want to do. In radio, we prioritize the music we play since there is only so much time in an hour. We can’t play everything we’d like to. The most popular songs get played a lot, while lesser songs can get played hardly at all. The DJ’s don’t always like that, just like you don’t always like doing the top thing on your list. We have, however, found over time that if you don’t prioritize, you don’t succeed.


Here’s what I am challenging you to do: cut your list of priorities to three! If that’s too drastic, try five. Truth is, you really only have time for a limited number of things in a day, week, a year, a lifetime! Try getting rid of the distractions, the time wasters that just crowd out the important stuff. Some you’ll be glad to get rid of, others will be tough because they are your favorite guilty pleasures. Yes, it does take discipline . I once heard that discipline means giving attention to the things you want most, instead of things you want now. I challenge you to get the junk out of your life in 2020. Cut that list!  Make it a priority!


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