Do you REALLY want to be a Princess?????

Our little girls LOVE to dress up as their favorite Princesses! All together now: Thanks Disney. Awe, they DO look adorable. At least when it’s a cutie you know. Sometimes it can appear a bit, well, a tad bit, entitled.

“Let the Princess through”. Oh, wait, I digress. Jonathan used to grab my arm (when he was a little kid) and say, “Let the Princess through”!!!! He would do this whenever we were walking through a crowd or crossing the street. It made me laugh!!! Where he picked it up, I don’t know??? But, the first couple of times he did it, I was like, aweeeeeeeee. My heart melted into a big puddle!!!!

So, that begs, who really WANTS to be a Princess. I think we’re all thinking these things—if or should I say WHEN we become a Princess: I will meet Prince Charming and he will be perfect. He won’t pee on the seat, leave crumbs on the floor, give us attitude or snarky remarks. He WILL love our every move and whim, be so romantic words can’t describe AND treat us like, hmmmm, royalty?!!! Yeah. Right. NEXTTTTT!

We are also thinking WHEN I’m Princess, I’ll always be beautiful!  No PMS, wrinkles, gray hair, gastro issues, weight gain, etc. etc. etc. Our wardrobe will be perfect and always available. We won’t have to try on a zillion things to get one thing that looks okay at best. Okay, occasionally we get that, “dang, I look great” outfit. At least in the store mirror!!!

We are thinking, someone will wait on me hand and foot. They’ll bring me everything I want when I want it.

Well, the reality is a Princess is a very decided life style. Decided by someone else. Like the QUEEN!!!! We should aspire to be the QUEEN and skip right over this Princess act.

Did you know that a Princess has to stop eating when the QUEEN stops. So, if the Queen has gastro issues and puts her fork down after bite one, the meal is over. (insert rolled eyes here)

And, to be a Princess, you have to give up all social media. No Facebook. Nope, can’t even snoop. No putting a pic of your amazing dinner on Instagram!!!  No sending chats. Your “story” is pretty much over. So much for that story book life we all thought it would be.

What does a Princess do all day anyway?  Well in Disney movies…waiting to be wooed by a handsome Prince. In real life: learning many languages, serving other people, hosting parties, etc.

You have to also learn the rules. Yep, holding your purse a certain way. Entering and exiting a room a certain way. Dressing and looking impeccable! Nope, you can’t just run to Walmart wearing your pajamas and flip flops! THAT would create an international incident!

Not only do you have to give up Social Media, but, you have to give up your career, voting, nail polish (except neutral), playing Monopoly, and loud boisterous behavior.

Oh, and you have to give up your “wild side” and live by the Queen’s rules (whatever they may be)!!!!!!!

So, maybe being a regular person isn’t so bad after all! And, maybe, just maybe we should encourage our little girls to dress like a QUEEN…or even better, encourage our little girls to find their own style!





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