Rick Alexander is in a LULL!!!!!

The Lull

It appears that we are currently in the “lull”. I think the lull could last a while. Some years there is next to no lull. The lull is not necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion. What is the lull? It is the time when there is no lawn mowing, no leaf raking or snow shoveling. It’s that time of year when the outside of your house requires little or no attention. Truth be told, I am a fan of the lull. I love not having outdoor work staring me in the face. When it is mowing season,I like to do mine on a Thursday, so the grass still looks good over the weekend and is not a constant reminder that I have to cut it on Monday.


There are those years where we continue to mow well into December, followed by snow storms that continue into early spring, then it’s back to mowing almost seamlessly, with no lull. This year, however, has had one of the longest lulls in recent memory, with just one minor snowfall so far this winter. But the season is far from over. Remember the blizzard in March of 1993?


So, if you are in charge of outside things at your house, do you enjoy the lull? Or are you chomping at the bit to get back to outside work?  Last year I used the lull to get my lawn mower tuned up and the blade sharpened. This year, I am not doing that. The guy who services my mower told me it is pretty much at the point where it is no longer worth putting money into. So, I will run it “until the wheels fall off” and then buy a new one.


Tax season falls during “the lull”, so I dedicate much time in getting that ready. I try to utilize the lull to do inside projects, like cleaning out file cabinets. This year I dedicated an entire day  assembling stuff for Lisa. Exciting!


True, the lull can get boring. There’s simply not a lot going on. At least a good snow storm can bring a little excitement. Soon enough, though, spring, then summer will be here. I will bemoan being a slave to the lawn and not having enough time to get it all done. And I will once again look forward to the lull. Here’s one thing that gives me something to look forward to during this lull: Fasnacht Day is less than one week away, next Tuesday, February 25th!!


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