Rick Alexander remembers his hero Batman…

The Bat Blog

The world lost a hero on Saturday: Batman! Adam West passed away after a short bout with Leukemia. Adam was not the original live-action Batman. The character was played by two other actors in 1940s and ’50s era black and white movies. He certainly was not and will not be the last actor to portray the Caped Crusader. But he was my Batman. To many he was the Batman. I have never seen a Dark Night Batman movie and have no desire to see one. My Batman is the Bright Night!


I was four years  when I became captivated by the campy pop art TV Show. Soon I was running around in my Batman mask, cape and utility belt. Sadly, none of that stuff exists today. I wore it all out. Catching villains is hard work! The Batman TV show lasted all of three seasons, but with me it lasted a life time.


My interest in Batman peaked and ebbed over the years, but I always remained a fan. There two reasons that Adam West’s Batman has  stuck  with me. First of all, his moral compass was unerring, even in the small things. Batman and Bruce Wayne always did the right thing, even if no one else was watching. Sometimes Robin might want to do the wrong thing, but Batman never did. And if Batman were tempted it, it was only for a second. We desperately need this Batman today!


The top reason Batman has stuck with me is that he is not a super hero…….just a regular guy. O.K., a really rich regular guy, but he a no super powers, just like me! Everything he did was with his brain and superb athletic prowess. Theoretically then, anyone could be Batman.


Gotham City is bit Darker and less safe tonight. Godspeed, Batman, R.I.P. Mr. West.   Too the Batpoles!!!!



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