Rick broke the Leg Lamp!!!!

We were decorating the tree and (cue slow motion) Rick dropped his prized leg lamp Christmas ornament! He asked me to super glue it back together. He got it as a souvenir at the actual Christmas Story House!

I’ve super glued LOTS of stuff, including dental partials, rear view mirrors and more. But, no can do! It would not stick. My hands were sticking to the lamp, but the two pieces would not stay together. I even tried Elmer’s Glue. Nope.

I even waited and tried again the next day. Still no luck.

Finally, I taped it together.

It’s still sitting on the desk in the kitchen, where it has been since it broke.  Rick was none too happy when he asked where the hanger was. I threw it away. I feared it would end up on the floor and Nic would get it.

Rather than dig out all the Christmas totes again, I’m just going to buy a new pack of  Christmas tree hangers.

How long will the leg stay together? We shall find out!

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