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Rick “trains” before he goes to the doctor! Whaaaat?????

Training For The Doctor


My  annual physical is today. Perhaps you think I’m crazy, but in anticipation of my yearly checkup, I am trying to be on my best behavior. In the weeks leading up to it, I try to make sure that I don’t skip workouts and work even harder. I try to watch sodium intake. I make every effort to get at least seven hours of sleep a night, cut out the late night snacking and drink even more water than usual. I don’t do anything markedly different from my regular routine. I just try to be a little bit more regimented about it.


So, why do I do this? Am I trying to impress my new doctor? No. Am I trying to “beat the system”, whatever that means? Am I trying to atone for bad habits? Not really. Since becoming a Fit Bit fitness tracker wearer over four years ago, I am very aware of how all these factors affect resting heart rate, my blood pressure and ultimately my overall health on a daily basis. So I’m not trying to “pull one over”. I simply want to put my best foot forward. I know how sodium can make you retain fluids, raising blood pressure  and can add a couple of pounds. I don’t want the numbers affected by some recent bad choices,


 I  just want to see how I measure up through these “best practices”. Then, If there needs to be other measures, such as medications, so be it. But I ‘d rather go  down swinging! Am I nuts or do you do something like this?

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