Road sign reform

Rick Alexander


There are two different traffic signs that have concerned me for some time: the four- way stop and yield signs. I think both should be eliminated, because as a society, we don’t know how to properly observe them.


Let’s start with “yield”. Do we know really know what yield means? I think most think it means “speed up” or  “get out of my way”. Some drivers tend to act like they own the road and expect that drivers who have the right-of-way will automatically let them merge. Then you have the “scared sheep”, the driver who won’t try to merge, even if you stopped dead to let them in. Plus, the “scared sheep” can be very unpredictable. You never know when they may finally lurch into the traffic flow . Both drivers are a danger to the rest of us. The issue is you are never really  sure if you’ll be encountering “Mr/Ms entitled” or “scared sheep” on the on-ramp. Either way, need need to react accordingly. It’s high time we replace the yield sign with a stop sign. Too much gray area for interpretation. Too many entitled drivers. By the way “yield” means “to give way”.


Then there is the four-way stop sign.  Who ever thought this was a good idea? Most of the time, it is not a problem That is, unless all four drivers approach the four-way at about the same time. Now, if I recall my driver’s ed, the “furthest right” vehicle is supposed to go first. But when there are four vehicle approaching simultaneously, it’s not always clear who is on the “furthest right”. Then the game of chicken begins. Sometimes you have two or more people who attempt to go first.Then stop, then go. Or you have a situation no one wants to go, everybody motioning the other guy on. Then the game of chicken resumes. The problem compounds if there are numerous vehicles  backed up at the four-way. The odds of fender benders and road rage can rise exponentially at that point. Time to say “bye-bye four-way stops signs, hello traffic lights”! I’m pretty sure most of us still know the difference between red and green, right?



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