Do you send food back?

A new survey reveals that almost 40% of us are uncomfortable with sending food back when dining out!

92% would send food back IF their meal was wrong!

75% would send it back IF the food is too hot or too cold!

Do you send food back? It has it’s benefits and it has it’s drawbacks. I’ll send something back if it is seasoned and I asked for it to be plain! Yo, paprika is a seasoning! Salt is a seasoning. Some “cooks” like to over salt things. I say “cooks” because chefs seem to know better. Though, a chef could be offended if you ask for something prepared a certain way that takes away from his or her creation.

Anyway, I like my food scorching burn-your-mouth hot! I used to roll my eyes at my mother in her final days when she would complain her coffee (at the rehab center) wasn’t HOT enough! It was hot, but not HOT, HOT! Then I self-examined! Dang. I like my food HOT HOT or I send it back. I’m nice about it. I tell them I’m strange. I like my food so hot it burns your mouth. They get the idea.

One pet peeve about when you send food back. And, I believe you have the right to send stuff back if it’s not right. I mean you are paying a lot of $$$$. My grandmother would NEVER send something back. She didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. My mother was a bit like that, except with coffee! I don’t like when you send it back and it takes FOREVER to get it back. Your family is finished eating and ready to go and you haven’t gotten yours yet. THAT’S when an adjustment to your bill should be made. IF they screwed up and made it wrong AND you don’t get it in a timely manner, an adjustment should be made.

My most sent back item is my baked potato. I order it w/o butter. I use my olive oil. I have my own condiment bag. I know. I know. You think I’m weird. That’s another blog. Anyway, for whatever reason, the potato is either cold or old and reheated. It has the sweet mildewy kind of taste to it. It’s not light and fluffy like a good potato should be. Don’t mess with me and my potato. I love the potato. Both my parents like/d potatoes. It’s genetic. Rick and I often trade potatoes. He is not the big potato fan. Of the two of us, I am more likely to send something back. Hey, there’s a shocker! Haha!

I am not a “give me a free dinner” sender backer. Unless, like I already said, it’s so delayed it hit’s the ridiculous point. Then, an adjustment. In fact, a hair in my food is bothersome, but, if it’s HOT HOT, I won’t send it back. I’ll tolerated fruit flies that dove into my salad and never made their way out. Bugs of any other type are not acceptable.

One time, after I ate a decent amount of my salad from a fast food joint, I discovered a scary winged thing. We were on our way out of town. I emailed the company and sent pictures. They gave me a free salad and some discounted coupons. Woop! I’m not sure what I wanted, but it was more than a free salad. The sickness I felt after realizing what I was eating warranted a gift card in my eyes. Apparently, not in theirs!

How about you? What’s your story. Not necessarily what you found in your food, but, do you send stuff back in the restaurant? Are you afraid they are going to spit in it. You hear rumor of that! Do you believe it? Tell us your thoughts!!!!



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