Store ettiquette, forget-tiquette! We need the Rules of the Store!

So, yesterday, I was in line at the store. One register was open and of course a long line. I had two things.

I waited in line, along with the rest of the crowd. The woman checking out was buying a money order or something that involved a lot of twenties. The cashier kept holding them up to the light.

The girl in front of me let out sighs of frustration. I made some mumbling chit-chat in agreement.

A few minutes later, two other women, friends of the person in front of me, joined her in line.

Just one problem. One of the women, had some items. A separate purchase from her friend. Um, wait. I think that’s cutting in line, lady. What is this, junior high. Just because your friend has been in line for twenty minutes, doesn’t mean you can join her at the front. Get. in. line.

I didn’t say anything. It really wasn’t worth it. But, that inspired me to come up with store etiquette. The “rules” if you will.

1. Get in line and don’t leave. If you forgot something, get it next time.

2. No buttsies. Go to the end of the line.

3. No family reunions in the middle of the isle.

4. If you walk side by side, keep a good pace or MOVE IT! Ever get stuck behind the slow walkers and you go to get around them and they shift in THAT DIRECTION!

5. No writing checks. Ever.

6. Keep your kids from shrieking. Kids don’t want to be in the store unless they are getting something. Most of us have a level of patience, but this is for those parents who have no control over their kids or the ones who feel their kids are entitled! No shrieking for pity sake. My ears can’t take it!

This is all that comes to mind. If you have any, by all means, comment below and let me know. I’m sure you have a list of your own!!!!!!!!!

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