So we’re out taking a walk around town and stumble upon THESE!!! Yep, men’s underwear. Tighty whities! XL I’m guessing. I didn’t look. I also assume because the way they are nested that they are new and not used. Again, I didn’t check!!!! But, how do you think they ended up on the sidewalk. Don’t you think if someone dropped them, they would be like, “oh, I dropped something”??? And, they are out of the pack. It’s fascinating how they might have ended up on the sidewalk. And, how long do you think they’ll stay there before someone takes them home or throws them in the trash. I can see it now. Some dude walks buy and says, “wow, perfectly good underwear”!!! I once saw a study that claimed most men don’t buy their own underwear. First Mom buys the underwear, and then their girlfriend or wife. E-gads! Rick, for the record, buys his own underwear. And, these were a little big for him, or else I might have picked them up!!! Plus, he was with me! LOL! Oh, look what I bought…I mean found for you!!!

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