The Baked Potato is discriminated against!

4pm. THAT seems to be the bewitching hour. Heaven forbid you should want a baked potato at one in the afternoon.

Oh, you can have french fries, mashed potatoes, and almost any other form of potato at almost any hour of the day at a restaurant. BUT, be jonesing for a baked potato, you’re NOT getting it at most places.

I LOVE the potato. For me, I accept the potato as it is. I don’t need it covered up, deep fried or changed all together. I love you potato for who you are, not who you’ll become. I grew up with a baked potato as part of dinner most nights. I come from a baked potato loving family. It’s tops on the list of the potato family when ordering out.

So, we are on this crazy get up early schedule. Sometimes we like to eat a meal at 3. Do you know most places won’t serve a baked potato until 4pm. It’s the magical hour! Dare you even ask for a baked potato before 4pm. It ain’t happening. They even goes so far as to print it right on the menu: Baked potatoes not available until 4pm.

THIS HAS TO STOP! I’m starting a petition (not really) to get the potato on the menu full time. A baked potato is welcome at all hours. Oh, and don’t tell me I’m the only one who wants a potato before 4pm.

They take time to bake, they won’t keep, etc.

Oh, I’m a baked potato aficionado, too.  Yeah, I can tell if it’s yesterday’s potato reheated. Order early and that’s what you’ll get. They are flushing out the old ones first.

And, DON’T roll it in rock salt. It may keep the skin tender, buuuuuuuuttttt it makes my potato taste like the salt factory. No thanks.

So, usually I’ll ask the waitress if she can just throw one in the microwave. I’m usually warned that the cook will have to be asked. If he is in a good mood, this MIGHT happen. I usually have a  little anxiety in the meantime. Most times, I’m met with a sure, the cook says it will be okay! Great. Don’t want to upset the status quo in the kitchen.

And, what’s up with the dinner rolls? Some places you have to request them. Some places you get one per person. Some places are generous with the rolls.

Oh, and one side note. I’m sure those little things of butter go through their share of being handled and not used and thrown back in the basket. One place, they took back my sour cream and said they could reuse it. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? I could have licked the top of it. Blah! That HAS to be a health code violation!

Join me in my quest to make the baked potato a welcome menu entry once and for all—all hours, every day!

p.s. I couldn’t even get a picture of a baked potato using our photo resources. Oh, sure, there were pics of french fries, mashed and other forms of the potato. But, the baked potato? Nooooooooooooo!!!!



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