The Encanto Cast Spouts Off on The Making of that Song we Don’t Talk About

By creating immersive worlds through the power of imagination and animation, Disney has led us on journeys through underwater kingdoms, beautiful bayous, castles surrounded by moats, and magical lands made of ice. They recently introduced us to a hidden Colombian village that is literally alive with music.

‘Encanto’ has enchanted millions worldwide with its musical and cultural significance. We sat down with Jessica Darrow and Adassa, who play Luisa and Dolores, respectively, to get an inside look at this Oscar-winning film’s unique story in a must-listen-to special episode for Disney fans worldwide.

The cast spouts off on the magic of Lin Manuel Miranda, the challenges of filming during the Covid lockdown, the focus on inclusion in Disney films, and walks you through the making of that song we don’t talk about.

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