Things That Are Hard To Get Exactly Right

Rick Alexander writes:


There are some things that are hard to get “just”right. Mostly, they are small things. For me, a lot of them are food and drink oriented. For instance, when I get my coffee at Sheetz each day, it’s difficult to get the coffee/creamer balance just right. Fill up the cup with too much coffee, there’s not enough room for creamer. Don’t fill up far enough, the creamer can overpower and cool the coffee. I like to put some french vanilla creamer in to sweeten it ( I don’t use any other sugar or sweetener) and then add some half and half for creamy fullness and body. Too much vanilla, too sweet. Not enough half and half, too thin and watery tasting. When microwaving a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, setting the time just right so the coffee is neither scalding nor tepid is difficult to do.


There are other food related things that are hard to get exactly right. Getting the milk/cereal balance just right, so that too much milk doesn’t make the cereal soggy and yet you have just enough left to drink out of the bowl when you are done. From personal experience, it’s easy to kill a whole box of cereal in pursuit of the perfect cereal/milk balance. They should sell cereal-sweetened milk by the gallon. Nothing like it! There is also trying to buy just the right amount of milk so that you neither run out or have too much left in the fridge so that it ends up going bad. For me, it’s difficult to cook a burger or steak on my gas grill and get it to the perfect sweet spot of doneness. I don’t cook much, but I’ll be if you do, you have a number of situations like these.


In the dressing and grooming departments, there are some hard to get just right scenarios. Putting just the right amount of mousse or gel in my hair can be tricky. Not enough, hair does what it wants. Too much, hair goes flat. A really good shave is hard to come by. You’ve heard of good/bad hair days, right? There are good/bad shaving days as well. Some days your face feels like a road filled with potholes and it’s hard to get a good smooth shave. Those times, it easy cut yourself. Other days, total smoothness and even perfection are yours. I’ve learned that it’s good to skip a day of shaving when you’ve had a bad one and likely the next time you shave, it will be much better.


Getting the perfect belt notch is another tough thing. One notch can be just a little too loose, while the next one in is too tight. Then when you try to add another yourself, you may or may not be inserting it at your body’s sweet spot. And at sometimes, a belt notch can be just right, but if the belt stretches or you gain or lose weight, it’s back to square one. When I wore ties everyday, it was a challenge to get both ends to hang at the right length. Sometimes I would try two or three times and still couldn’t get it right.  I think the most difficult thing to get exactly right is the speed of your car’s windshield wipers. It’s those in-between settings when it’s not raining too hard, but just enough to be annoying. That can be a challenge. If the wipers are not set on a fast enough speed, you won’t be able to see clearly as the rain pounds your windshield. Too fast, and you get that “screeeeech” of the wipers dragging across the dry glass. It’s hard to get things exactly to be the way you want them, but, boy, isn’t it satisfying on those rare occasions when you actually do?

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