So we walked into a Pizza/Pasta place. It’s a regional chain. We tried other locations, we liked it! So, we knew what to expect!

OR, DID WE?????

Upon being seated: sniff, sniff, sniff, WHAT is that smell. Ohhhh, I know. It’s that acrylic nail place next door. That awful smell is wafting through. It is now more powerful than the aroma of pizza. Eeeeee-gads, I need a mask. Maybe I could go next door and borrow one?

We changed seats and it was still bad. Those with me weren’t as bothered. I’m super sensitive, but, even Rick was bothered by the smell. He’s kind of the litmus, because he usually isn’t smell sensitive!

We ate our nail fumed pasta and left. I doubt we will ever go back to that location again.

One funny side note–we visited another location that we’ve gone to before. We really like that location. But, guess what? It’s next to a nail salon as well!!! We never really noticed. THAT’S because the smell isn’t wafting over. Not sure what they use. I know you can soundproof rooms. Can you smellproof them as well??? If so, the other location should definitely look into it!  I couldn’t work there.

How about you? Are you smell sensitive? Have you ever had to work somewhere that had a smelly place next door? What did you do?

Tell us in the comments!!!!

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