This week’s First Responder is Cora Stout

This week’s First Responder is  Cora Stout who helps with scene support / exterior firefighting for Friendship hose co 47 , Newville

Here’s what Wyatt Miller who nominated Cora says about her:

She’s very hard working. Very dedicated to the fire company and getting her mods. She’s one who wants to help people and be there for everyone.

Artie will deliver Sweet Rollers Cinnamon Rolls and a MIX95.1 First Responder Shirt from M&A Silkscreen. You can nominate a First Responder at MIX95.COM

Nominate your First Responder

We want to know about a very special First Responder! It could be a Paramedic, Firefighter, EMT, Police Officer, etc. Nominate a person at MIX95.COM. Tell us why that person is so special.

Every Friday, Artie Shultz is going to visit the winner of a MIX95.1 FIRST RESPONDER FRIDAY! He is not coming empty-handed! He will be bringing some delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee from Sweet Rollers in Chambersburg and an official MIX95.1 First Responder T-Shirt from M&A Silkscreen. So, tell us about your special First Responder today.

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