I really appreciate when clothing manufacturer’s stamp labels into the product, rather than put them in the neck or side of your garment! Oh, how irritating!!!!

They are super scratchy and itchy! There is something about tearing them out that makes you feel like you are breaking a law or something. It also means never taking the item back. You are really committed to it. And, there is something about having the tag that makes it “whole”…you bond with the name on the tag. Plus, you need to know the washing directions AND the size, just in case of an emergency!

I had to tear out an itchy tag! Well the whole thing tore–top and all! Uggggghhhhh! I’ll never get around to sewing it. Oh, and the tag is still half attached. I stopped when it started to tear. Sometimes you can make a clean swipe. That is sooo rewarding, isn’t it!!!

Manufacturers, we want to know all this info. Can you just stamp it into the product when you are making it. You know, like you do on t-shirts. Thank you.

While I’m on the clothing subject. Today, I had a dress that was causing me issues. The shoulders kept dropping. The problem is I had a sports bra that was hot and slightly clashing. When I say HOT, I don’t mean oooh, la, la hot. I mean, get me out of this dang thing hot! I tried to staple the dress shoulders to the straps of the sports bra. Epic Fail. I went home and changed. I went from monochromatic pink to monochromatic black. My mood when from blue to…whatever color signifies happier!!!

Have you ever:

stapled your clothes when in a pinch?

had to run home to make a quick change?

Leave your comments! Thanks!

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