Tools of the trade….

Just as the headphones are important to hear myself when I talk to you, is the coffee I take in (in large doses beginning around 5 am) so my brain can fire quickly and my words flow fluently (that’s hit or miss).  The Mix 95.1 lanyard is also important, it holds my card and fob to access entry into the building and our studio wing.   What all do you need to get through your day and to you do your job?  By the way, its an honor and a pleasure to be a part of your work day, at home, in the office, or running errands, I feel like we are friends.  Thanks for listening to Mix95.1 and

*not pictured, my phone, I  used it to take the pic of my stuff.  I use my phone constantly, for interacting with you on Facebook, and Instagram (courtneyfoxx951) checking my email, and weather and traffic alerts.




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