Trash or Treasure?

As the idiom of old goes, “one mans trash is another mans treasure.”

The Primitive Craze…old is better.

I was a little slow into the Primitive craze for myself.  I didn’t think it would last, boy was I wrong.  Many of my friends (and myself a few times) would plan girlfriend days to go to flea markets, yard sales, and auctions to find unique items they could either re-purpose or include into their current decor.  Sometimes the uglier the item the better.  Two of my friends have used ringer washers.  One friend has it outside as decoration, and the other would fill their ringer washer with ice and use it as a cooler for drinks at their pool parties.  If I could get my hands on one I think I’d do the same.  I love how creative minds work when displaying precious finds.  Most of all I love the history attached to family items used in homes.  My favorite line is, “oh we found that in the barn when we were going through stuff.”  One of my treasured items was a Christmas present from my sister-in-law.  Her husband got some of the wood from one of the family farms that was worn down a few years ago.  It was a whitewashed board, about 3 1/2 feet they added 6 wrought iron hooks.  I seriously could have cried when I opened it at our family Christmas, it meant that much to me.

One mans trash is another mans treasure …relationally…

I feel that both women and men that are treated like trash in relationships could have it so much better if they could break away from the toxic relationship.   They deserve to be treasured.  The trashed are worthy of so much better.  Can they see it?  I think they do.  Either they have been torn down so many times, they think it’s just how life is, or they have a fantasy world mentality that maybe he will change.  Numerous times I meet up with friends that have gotten out of a bad situation and later got with someone that truly adores them for who they are.  The one who was trashed and is now treasured even looks different.  Their facial expressions have changed and their spirit is light and positive.

The moral of this story is true, one man or womans trash is another man or womans treasure.   Treasure yourself, you are worth more than trash, so much more.  Do not be a dumping ground for someone elses failures and insecurities.  Unhealthy relationships can heal, there is always hope for healing and change.  However, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  To quote Bruno Mars, Treasure that is what you are!

Remember to treasure those whom you say you love.  Just like those who are looking for a precious find at a flea market, yard sale, or auction, may see a treasure in the one you’ve trashed.






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