Treasures and Tragedies along the trail! Dogs not welcome in this yard!

I am amused by all of the signs we’ve seen about cleaning up your dog’s poop! This picture features two of the signs. I’ll definitely be posting the others. I have more than you would think!

Okay, I think this has to be classified as a tragedy!!!! First of all–seriously, people don’t clean up after their dog when it poops in someone’s yard. That is basic common courtesy! I don’t even like my dog walks in someone’s yard. I’d rather he poop in the street!!! And, yes, I would clean it up!!! I don’t mind, though, if a dog poops in my yard as long as they clean it up! And, by they, I mean the person walking the dog!!!

I know people forget their bags. This is when you pick it up with whatever you have. Um, you do have a used kleenex in your pocket, don’t you. This way it won’t accidentally go through the wash and create a mess.

How do you feel about people putting signs in their  yards? I’m sure if you are cleaning up strange dogs poop, you would have to do something!!!!! It’s one thing to pick up your own dog’s poop. Quite another to pick up random poop! I would certainly honor the sign.

Way before we had Nic, a neighbor who doesn’t live there anymore, had a sign about poop. Other neighbors were offended. We don’t have to worry. Half the time, Nic decides to poop in the house!!!! LOL! And, if he could read, I would post a sign: No pooping in the house!!!!

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