Everyone seems to have their thing. What’s your thing?

For some people their thing is calories. For some it’s fat. Which is your hot button: sodium, nitrates, organic, fresh, processed, vegan?

Rick was eating oatmeal and cold pizza. Hmmmm. For breakfast!!!!

I was eating oatmeal, buuuuuuut drinking a Diet soda. For some, that nutrasweet is poison. I agree, but, I don’t want all that sugar either. Rick drinks plain soda. But, wait. soda has caramel color. That’s as bad as nutrasweet, isn’t it. Okay, throw out the soda.

Oh, wait. The oatmeal.  Quaker was in the news for testing positive for oats containing the chemical used in roundup, which causes cancer. Oh, gads, throw out the oatmeal. At least brands that test positive. And, many do!!!!!!!!

So, we can’t skip breakfast. That’s bad.

My hot button is sodium. Why in the world does everything have to have so much salt in it. I’m not talking about just processed food either!

Rick want to eat healthfully, but, often doesn’t like the taste. What to do.

Well, there is no easy answer. Healthful eating takes intention, time and often money. So, I guess, little changes are good.

I suppose eating oatmeal with glyphosate and using Truvia and drinking a diet Pepsi has it’s down side. Perhaps just skipping the diet stuff is better?

So, tell us, what do you pay attention to? What’s your hot button? What’s your downfall? We want to know!!!!

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