What’s in your picnic basket BooBoo?

It may seem a bit early to be talking about your Memorial Day Weekend, but it’s coming.  Do you operate on a “we always”, or are you more of a “let’s change it up a bit”?  Maybe you invite different people each year, maybe change the location, or just want to be the one invited.  Either way, there’s food prep in your near future.

Growing up, I remember going to the St. Thomas Memorial Day Parade and watching from the porch of my Aunt Janes friend.  When we got home, Mom would plant flowers, we’d scrub the front porch and bring out the porch furniture for summer.  Then in the evening there would be grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.

I know there’s a dish or two to make in your near future.  What will you be bringing to the picnic?  Do you have a “go to” when invited to a summer gathering?  When you are busy do you have a kitchen hack you use to make a dish quicker?  Time permitting, I love to open up a good old fashion recipe book and find a good salad.  When time is limited, I make the old standard Grape Nut Pudding.  Have you made that one lately?  Well, here we go:

2 packs of instant vanilla pudding (use french vanilla if you dare)

1 cup of grape nut cereal (have fun finding it in the grocery store)

milk (the amt the package calls for to make pudding)

8 oz package of cool whip (save a bit to make the top look pretty)

Make the pudding per directions on the box, add grape nuts, fold in cool whip.  Pour into your prettiest bowl, ice with a little cool whip.  Add a few maraschino cherries for decoration and done.

When I make this goodie to take I use full-fat everything, milk, extra creamy cool whip.  Makes it so yummy.

Have fun socializing this summer fun season!!!!





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