What’s on your Bucket List!?

So a guy got arrested for shoplifting from a Target store in Florida. You know what the 23 year-old told the cops? He said stealing from Target was on his Bucket List!

Well that’s just stupid! Seriously? That’s on his Bucket List! I guess we might think things on other people’s lists are stupid. I know Rick thinks one thing on my list is pretty stupid.

Actually, I don’t have “a list” per se. I have stuff I’d like to have the nerve to do! Or, the money!!!!!

Let’s see. If I’m making a list, what would be on it? Glad you asked.

1. Skydiving. Rick thinks this is stupid. A stupid risk. I want to do this. I have the adventurous spirit, but not the nerve. I think it would be exhilarating! Jonathan wants to do this as well. Once upon a time, I told him I would do it with him when he graduated from High School. When he was ready to graduate, he reminded me. I told him—I meant college. Phew, thank goodness he is working on his Doctoral degree. It will be a while.

2. Travel everywhere! The funding department is slightly lowerish…due to the latter part of #1. Kid, college. You get it.

3. Write a book. I have several book ideas. I suppose I know it would be a long-shot to get published. Who would want to read my mess. There’s one part lack of ambition, too.

4. Sing in a pop band. Well that’s really one for the fantasy list, since I have no singing talent…unless it is yet to be discovered. Latent talent.

5. Just because I feel like I need 5 things…I’d like to adopt every child that doesn’t have someone that loves him or her.

So, what’s on your list? Fantasy. Wish. Bucket. Whatever you want to call it.

I don’t know whether I’ll do any of the stuff on my list, but, one thing is for sure—stealing from Target is still the lamest thing I’ve ever seen on someone’s list. How pathetic is your life if that’s a thrill.

Tell us your list!



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