Which one are you?

When I got into my snack drawer at the office I realized my trail mix was doing down, I must have hit it pretty hard.  Then I thought (Pastor Adams sermon from this past Sunday to get the inside joke Sunday, Nov 4…check it out on Antrimbic.org.) there are two kinds of people, those who like to keep the cupboard stocked and those who don’t.  What kind of person are you?  I like to use up my stuff and then go for a big buggy load of goodies.  You can get pretty creative when you swing open the pantry and see a can of baked beans, bread crumbs, and cream of chicken soup.  Go to the fridge and find celery, chicken legs, and pizza sauce.  I find great satisfaction in an empty cupboard as well as a full cupboard.  Actually, I like to get my food stash down to the bare minimum, wipe out the fridge, sweep out the pantry and fill’r back up.  Stopping here and there on the way home from work to get this and that drives me crazy.  It happens from time to time, mostly when I do not have my plan written out or my head in the game.

One more question for ya.  Are you one who does online grocery shopping or do you like to go inside your favorite grocery store and get your goodies?  Here’s my truth… I like online.  As I was evaluating my “where we are right now” in life, I concluded this is my best option for time and money saving.  I have one husband, one job, and one child, and I like to give a 100 percent to each one.  In frustration last week I said out loud, ‘ ugh, I can be all things to all people’.  Jr heard this and said, ‘yea but it sure helps’.  From the mouth of babes…or teens… I got validated on my importance to my family and our friends.

As blogging has become a part of our Mix 95.1 connection to our listeners and community, I submit what I know and what’s going on in our world.  I know you are working hard at your job and in your home.  Thanks for listening to Mix 95.1



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