You’re not really going to read this, let’s be honest!

Are you reading this, really?

I’m thoroughly convinced that we Americans don’t read any more. We skim. Just want the gist. No time to get bogged down by minutia! Our attention spans have been destroyed by, among other things, social media. Need instant gratification!!! The more instant, the better! I’m too busy, just give me the bullet points! No time to read.


I’m as guilty as anyone. I never read instruction manuals. I may eventually use them occasionally as a reference, but rarely on the front end. I can’t follow assembly directions, so I either wing it or try to find a YouTube video that shows me how it’s done.  On the rare occasions any more that I attempt reading a book, I have to force myself from jumping to the last chapter. If I know how it ends, I’m done! Wish I could be more disciplined in reading the Bible, like some people are.


Are you like me? Bet you are! Have you ever read the privacy statement for any websites or your apps? Did you ever fully read a release form before signing? Did you ever read a contract in its entirety, even an important one that affects your job or your home? That’s what lawyers are for, right? Did you ever read anything in a box you had to check before continuing a download or installation?  Thought so!


The inspiration for this blog comes from one I recently wrote about my grandfather on the anniversary of his death. I won’t get into the details here, but it traces how I went from idolizing him as a child  to eventually, as an adult, understanding him and appreciating him, warts and all. 

We link our blogs to our Rick and Lisa Facebook pages. On one page, there were twelve total comments about that blog all of them saying basically the same thing: “prayers”.  Prayers?? While I always appreciate your prayers, I think these well meaning people thought that he had recently passed away. You might get that impression if you had not read the blog! He actually died more than forty years ago.

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